Many homeowners would like to upgrade their properties to become environmentally friendly, energy efficient and energy saving but are understandably reluctant because of the visually negative impact which results from traditional solar panels installed on the roof.

Luxury & Green are leading authorities in the research and development of solar technology and insulation and with our technology applications there is minimum, or no, effect on the aesthetic of the property, meaning you can convert your home’s current energy system to a renewable system without impacting in a visually negative way either on the property or the surrounding environment.

Technology Application:

We provide a wide variety of tailor-made solutions to enable existing properties to upgrade to significantly improve their environmental performance using our ground breaking technology, methods and materials. Importantly, our solar technology is seamlessly incorporated with minimum or no visual impact.

  • Upgrade your home to become Environmentally Friendly and Passive with minimum or no visual effect

  • Suitable for older properties as well as modern

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Protect your valuable art, furniture and interiors 

  • Long-term financial benefits in significantly reduced household energy bills

  • Added value to your property

  • Fast and efficient installation by specialist technicians and fitters

  • Full parts and systems guarantees

Our Services:

In addition to the following, we provide innovative energy saving and insulation solutions designed to meet the individual requirements of a wide range of buildings.

  • Installation of external or internal layers made of thermal insulation materials

  • Installation of Highest Efficiency Solar Energy Generation with PV panels

  • Transfer of energy consumption from Gas or Fuel to Electricity (clean)

  • Installation of state-of-the-art Energy Storage system to provide up to 24 hours solar power

  • Energy saving solutions - low-tech and high-tech (optimising internal insulation)

  • Replacement of lights with LED ambiance illumination

  • Installation of infrared slim panels to improve heating in selected spots

  • Replacement of windows (where needed) with energy-efficient frames and specialised glass or film

  • Installation of Heat Recovery System from wasted hot water (recovers up to 30% of energy wasted)

  • Elimination of any point which induces internal loss of energy

  • Improvement of internal air circulation

  • Integration of existing Air Conditioning systems with Cool Spots

  • Integration of old Air Condition system with Solar Assisted Chiller (requires up to 50% less energy)

The Process:

  • An initial survey of your property to provide a preliminary evaluation which will enable us to establish the best refurbishment plan to suit your property

  • This is followed by an Energy Auditing & Building Inspection using a number of tests including Thermal Infrared Scanning of the building and also using a Drone for aerial imaging and roof thermal integrity

  • We prepare a detailed Quote and proposed List of Works. Installation time is between 2 and 10 days, depending on the specific requirements of each property